Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Son

Under shaky ground, in all its natural occurrence
Love paved the way for another bundle of joy’s emergence
Anticipation was within the longest nine months
Basis of your growth was through mommy’s shrinking pants
Who will you be like and what features will you get from whom
You responded with a kick from inside your mother’s womb

Out you came, from the outside I recognized and heard you cry
Standing along the nursery room, excitedly waiting, as I pry
Delicately holding you in my arms you seemed too fragile
And now look at y.. “Oops where are you...” oh you’re so agile
Writing this even I can’t concentrate as you aimlessly frolic
Yet a mischievous smile seems you’re up for some likely trick

Melted chocolates all over explains why you’re up and about
In a playful mood still as I ask “What’s that in your mouth?”
Curious it seems you are thus exploring with anything new
Tough not to lose sight of you however it’s a delightful view
Either you’re too familiar with your first word or you’re just calling me
Can’t help but acknowledge your “come here” look as you say “Daddy!”

Lucas, my son, who's the man?!

Friday, July 31, 2009

My First Born

The revelation came as a surprise
A weighty setback under broken ties
Mixed emotions couldn’t even say what was felt more
It’s the feeling that was confused, I thought of what could be in-store

Concerned about acceptance from who mattered then
Worried, things going my way could possibly end
Contemplating on to whom I’d say goodbye
Yet I just couldn’t let a blessing slip by

The time came you will be more than just a heart beat
Eagerly nervous I uttered nothing but “This is it!”
Seeing light for the first time, you likewise trickled me with enlightenment
Tears precipitated I instinctively felt how, to me, you preciously meant

Defining my role as provider, from that moment I just knew
Even, at least, as a father on occasion I could be there for you
Though my divided attention seems to picture emptiness
I purely felt the urge to, under my wings, build you a good nest

If it meant starting all over again, I knew I’d soar
With you as inspiration you can expect more
Up ‘til now I know I made the right choice
Gaining fulfillment in providing more than just toys

To Chakai, my first born, I love you!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

That Instant Moment of Expectation (TIME)

Time is gold so they say
Passing by in any given day
Something transpires in every second
And just realized something has dawned

Can’t turn back time as a matter of fact
But then don’t utter “Oh what the f..k!”
Should you do something do it now
Or regret even prior to taking a bow

What then if it’s a minute too late
If a decision was desired to relate
Seemingly reliable of “yes” or “no”
For one to decide if to stay or go

Warm lips or a cold-shoulder perhaps
Is it worth giving such moment a lapse?
However, is it worth fighting for?
Otherwise, will it just be another score?

Friday, April 10, 2009


More than the configuration of letters to sentences
Means to express sentiments with or without pretenses
At a distance messages won’t get across
Of which for words no one will be at a loss
Action as the only way won’t even speak louder
If manner to communicate is without any other

 Like in thanking well-wishers with a little something
For your good words are indeed very inspiring
Thus special thanks to four beautiful people
Your comments were heartfelt yet simple
Hoping you don’t mind if you’re appreciated this way
Conveying gratitude for how you have made our day

Such sweet anniversary greeting from Lady Java
Having been moved, how appreciative is Mariuca
Shemah’s warmth is likewise heartwarming and real
And though formal, genuineness is felt from Bill
We thank you for your sweet and kind words
The essence of your words has substantiated WORDS…

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Theme Song

Romanticism dictates the need for such
Basis for it is that your heart be touched
If none, are we supposed to have one?
Should nothing fit, will you and I split?

Insensitive is how I’ll be deemed as
Notwithstanding what my heart thinks of ‘us’
Will appropriate lyrics make it better?
Or any song timely played then matter?

The thought of us being in sync
Isn’t that a rather stronger link...
For if a song is what will keep us going
In my heart, you’re the music playing

This is in response to Spicy's (my wife) blog about us not having a theme song. Anyway, it's our wedding anniversary and I'm dedicating this post to her...