Friday, July 31, 2009

My First Born

The revelation came as a surprise
A weighty setback under broken ties
Mixed emotions couldn’t even say what was felt more
It’s the feeling that was confused, I thought of what could be in-store

Concerned about acceptance from who mattered then
Worried, things going my way could possibly end
Contemplating on to whom I’d say goodbye
Yet I just couldn’t let a blessing slip by

The time came you will be more than just a heart beat
Eagerly nervous I uttered nothing but “This is it!”
Seeing light for the first time, you likewise trickled me with enlightenment
Tears precipitated I instinctively felt how, to me, you preciously meant

Defining my role as provider, from that moment I just knew
Even, at least, as a father on occasion I could be there for you
Though my divided attention seems to picture emptiness
I purely felt the urge to, under my wings, build you a good nest

If it meant starting all over again, I knew I’d soar
With you as inspiration you can expect more
Up ‘til now I know I made the right choice
Gaining fulfillment in providing more than just toys

To Chakai, my first born, I love you!