Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Son

Under shaky ground, in all its natural occurrence
Love paved the way for another bundle of joy’s emergence
Anticipation was within the longest nine months
Basis of your growth was through mommy’s shrinking pants
Who will you be like and what features will you get from whom
You responded with a kick from inside your mother’s womb

Out you came, from the outside I recognized and heard you cry
Standing along the nursery room, excitedly waiting, as I pry
Delicately holding you in my arms you seemed too fragile
And now look at y.. “Oops where are you...” oh you’re so agile
Writing this even I can’t concentrate as you aimlessly frolic
Yet a mischievous smile seems you’re up for some likely trick

Melted chocolates all over explains why you’re up and about
In a playful mood still as I ask “What’s that in your mouth?”
Curious it seems you are thus exploring with anything new
Tough not to lose sight of you however it’s a delightful view
Either you’re too familiar with your first word or you’re just calling me
Can’t help but acknowledge your “come here” look as you say “Daddy!”

Lucas, my son, who's the man?!